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    The Breast Cancer Network recently carried out a study about the financial impact of breast cancer and have written up this report detailing the results.
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    This document as been produced by one of the counsellors at Breast Cancer care WA. It gives some helpful tips to manage stress and anxiety during the Christmas and holiday period.
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    Massage is a commonly used complementary therapy to provide relaxation and relief from some symptoms of cancer. Massage therapists use different terms to describe this technique, such as touch therapies and bodywork. We hope this booklet will help you understand more about massage. It explains th...
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    This booklet has been prepared to help you understand more about complementary therapies. This booklet provides an overview of the role of a number of complementary therapies in cancer care. It does not include in-depth information about alternative therapies, which some people choose instead of...
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    Stay well during and after cancer with the Life Now program run through Cancer Council.
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    People with cancer don’t always have pain. However, some people may have pain due to the cancer, its treatment, or other conditions that are unrelated to the cancer. This booklet will give you useful information to help you understand pain and manage it with different treatments. However, it is n...
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    Many people diagnosed with cancer worry how they’ll manage their finances. Often, a cancer diagnosis changes your financial plans and goals, and you may need to manage your own or your family’s budget to deal with the extra costs. This booklet gives you information about how to deal with handling...
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    The Cancer Council has in place a system called the Pro Bono Program. This can can help if you or someone in your family has cancer, and you need workplace, financial or legal advice. They can assist you with: • legal issues • financial planning • small business accounting • workplace advic...
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    At Cancer Council Western Australia, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can have an enormous impact on you and your family. That’s why we offer a wide range of practical and emotional support, lifestyle management programs and information about cancer. Our regional networks mean that we can ...