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  • focus on the white cells

    Posted August 20, 2014 by Tania68

    Yesterday i went ot art therapy. I thought I was traveeling along quite well until through meditation I saw my next lot of cancer cells. There was a lot of "black", in different oprgans and not in the breast. The red was blood, transporting the cancer around my body. The yellow handprints - together...

  • Lumpectomy

    Posted May 23, 2014 by Chris

    So went In yesterday morning to have my lumpectomy. Early start had to be at admissions for 6.30 am, then I went up to the. Ward, had a pre med, then to breast clinic to get a wire put put in prior to having the surgery. Getting the wire put in was fine, the doctors and nurses and radiographers in...

  • Final chemo

    Posted April 28, 2014 by Chris

    Soooo, had my final chemo session today, as I was was being plugged in a song came on the radio that means a lot to me, Big Country's In A Big Country. It's the sort of song that gets you up and jumping, the group originated from my home town in Scotland and it brings back memories of high school an...

  • Mastectomy done

    Posted April 16, 2014 by Kula

    One day and one week ago I was the fittest at my work even though I am in the older group. It is now 1 week since I had my right breast removed. I was lucky enough to be allowed to stay in hospital for 3 nights and my drains were taken out before I went home. When I went to the doctor yesterday he ...

  • Strangers

    Posted April 6, 2014 by Chris

    So I was sitting at Muffin Break having coffee with a friend and an older lady (complete stranger) comes up to me and says" you know having cancer or whatever illness you have, really suits you" I' m kind if gobsmacked so just smiled and nodded. She then stops again as she comes back with her coffe...

  • Another five nights in hospital

    Posted April 2, 2014 by lesley1956

    Well post venerabin and denosomab I was in agony with gut craps. It was all working but the pain was hell. I got my first taste of morphine yep stops the pain but it's one scary drug.lots do scans and X-rays but no definitive answers. Off to oncology tomorrow but the young registrar already told me ...

  • FEC u too!

    Posted March 8, 2014 by Chris

    So what can I say about my first experience of FEC ? Oh yes it sucks! I wasn't sick which was good, I did however feel like I'd been hit by a bus. I had some discomfort in my stomach, my Knees and other joints felt painful and I felt nauseous. I found it difficult to walk my feet were numb and When...

  • FEC

    Posted February 26, 2014 by Chris

    So this week has seen me starting FEC. I was quite nervous about this, as I'd been warned that it's not as kind as the NAB Pacoltaxol.i thought I'd have 3 drip bags but it started off with....take a tablet for the nausea, get the red and white junk, slowly put in through the thingymabob in my arm ( ...

  • Thank you

    Posted February 19, 2014 by Aurelia

    Thank you Sue and Glenys. It was a bad day.

  • My feelings

    Posted February 17, 2014 by Aurelia

    The body has been cut, The cancer thus removed Tomorrow will be better The future not a blur. But what no one tells you Is the pain that follows thus, The agony, the ecstasy The loosing of your bust. Am I a women or Just a piece of flesh Am I still me Have I changed my mesh? I...